We are still operating and delivering quality cleaning services to exisiting and new clients in Essex and Suffolk.  We have availability for deep cleaning services, our aim is to give you a same-day quote and complete the service within 48 hours. All of our staff are strictly following social distance measures and are supplied with the suitable PPE.  




At GJ Commercial Cleaning our Deep Cleaning Service is not just a general tidy up or a quick dust and wipe down. Our Deep Clean Service is an in-depth and hygienic service. Deep cleans performed by GJ Commercial Cleaning means we will leave your commercial premises looking and feeling fresh by removing all build up of germs, bacteria and grime.  

Our deep clean service is often used by estate agents and home sellers when they are struggling to sell a property, out extensive experience coupled with our attention to detail means you are guaranteed total deep clean. Our deep clean service means your property will be transformed and looking perfect.

There are many reasons as to why someone may require a Deep Clean, they may be suffering from an injury, be incapable, or just generally not have the time or energy to keep up with the regular cleaning needed to prevent such build up of grime etc. Depending on the usage that a premises gets we typically suggest a full Deep Clean every 12 months for domestic properties and every 4 months for commercial properties.

As with all of our Commercial and Domestic Cleaning Services our staff work to a strict checklist which will be thoroughly checked over by a site supervisor once the clean has taken place. 

Don't hesitate to give us a call to arrange a quote or alternatively you can Book a Quote online via the contact page.